Here’s some links that I’m liking this week.

– The Roll-Out Bridge in London (that could be used anywhere)

– There are plans for this waterfront, Queenslander home in Hervey Bay to become an eco-resort. Now all that’s needed is a buyer!

– The world’s most expensive hotels and packages – can you imagine paying $1 million?

– I have a reasonably dark sense of humor so I love these Mean Cards.

– A couple of great recipes: Prawns in Orange Baskets and Impossible Pies

– This weeks eMagazines from Marquette Turner Luxury Homes – July 7, 2009 issue & July 10, 2009 (don’t forget to subscribe)

– Never one to mince words, Michael Marquette’s “View from the Bridge” this week looks to see who should be blamed for our economic troubles.

– The launch of Google Maps in Australia will help even-out property prices by reducing advertising expenses.

– There are many good causes that I like and respect, and Annie Lennox’s SING Campaign is one of them.

– The Australian Federal Government is now giving pretty good insulation rebates – good for the environment and good for your hip pocket!

– I always wondered what made Islamic Finance different to the Western Style that I’m used to. So I researched it.

– And, finally some great quotes from Michael Jackson, Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell and a great, anonymous one about any alligator!

Simon Turner