I was a young teenager when Formula 1 great Ayrton Senna was killed at the age of 34, ironically for me the same age as I am in the year the movie on his life and death is released.

I grew up in a Formula 1 loving family, in fact some relatives worked for the Williams Formula 1 team (although not at the time Senna was killed whilst driving a Williams). I was not, however, a Senna fan.

His win at all costs mentality, to me at the time, pushed things too far. I far more preferred the “gentlemanly approach” of drivers such as Alain Prost.

What I perceived as arrogance then, I view as true passion now.

Watching his crash live hit me in an unexpected way. I was an emotional wreck which is perhaps totally expected when loss occurs to someone close, it is understandable to someone you like, but to feel such anguish for someone I didn’t even know I appreciated at the time, was very confusing.

As I grew older, and particularly having raced in karts in my early 20’s, it became increasingly apparent to me just how much I respected the red-blooded passion with which Ayrton Senna drove. His talent was immense and without doubt, a race with him driving was rarely boring.

I’ll watch the new movie, “Senna” with older eyes but still with a lump in my throat. The guy was a true racer.