These are the links I’m liking this week!

Movie: “The End of the Line” – described as the “Inconvenient Truth of the Ocean” this documentary looks at the devastating effecet over-fishing is having on the oceans to the point that there may be no more fish by 2048.

Current Affairs: Social Media Revolution – the ongoing happenings in Iran bring to light the evolution of revolutions.

Green: Top Eco-Projects Around the World – 5 actual and conceptual projects in the world.

Social Media: When People Don’t Follow Me – I shouldn’t care but I do :)

Music: Desert Rose by Sting – this remix with Cheb Memi is soulful and haunting.

Design: Cairo Expo City – Egypt takes a leaf out of their ancient days with a truly outstanding architectural plan for the 21st Century.

The Cost of a By-Election – Michael Marquette’s perspective on why by-elections should not be encouraged.

The Top Cities in the World – Tyler Brule, he of Wallpaper* fame, has produced the Quality of Life survey for 2009.

Music: Madonna & Goro Bordello – I watched this live at Wembley Stadium for Live Earth and it was outstanding.

2009 June 19 Marquette Turner Luxury Homes eMagazine – all the usual luxury & lifestyle articles.

Simon Turner