I show the courtesy of being interested (remotely at least) in someone’s Twitter updates, and yet they don’t think I’m interesting enough.

Excuse Me!!!???

I think I’m pretty interesting, and – forgive me for me obtuse – but there’s a few thousand others that agree too! (well, they aren’t offended by me at least).

There’s plenty of “stars” that aren’t following me – no one at CNN (which is pretty cutting given the number of hours and TV’s that are tuned in to their station), Britney isn’t, 50 Cent isn’t, President Obama isn’t…the list is long.

On the other hand, there are some well known people that are.

My point is this…

Someone like Obama – who as we have been lead to believe is the King of Social Media – doesn’t actually pay attention to those that follow them. Sounds dubious!

What about all the Hollywood Stars and Pop Groups that build their profile through Twitter? It surely is a double edged sword. They want their fans to “join them” or “follow them” blah blah – and yet it’s not reciprocated.

Here’s a thought to ponder – only the “stars” that show TRUE interest in their fans/supporters/following will truly get the benefit from the Social Media Revolution.

Correct me if I’m wrong…?