I came across a great site called CopyPasteCharacter recently for frequently used symbols and characters, which saves a great deal of time particularly when you use multiple programs on different platforms perhaps on various operating systems.

Rather than having to navigate some form of “Insert” – “Symbols” – blah blah, this one site covers most things off.

A great shortcut!


I have just spent the evening with one of Australia’s most famous and talented designers – he’s showing his worth on reality TV as we speak – brave, commendable and mind blowing.

It has really hit home that he has had the balls to present himself to the world. From then on, he’ll make it work.

One of my dramas is that I would have been too intimidated to showcase myself like this.

The designer that I’m mentioning (and I can’t say any more for legal reasons) should be commended not simply for his talent but for his vision and belief in himself.

I’m in awe!

These are the links I’m liking this week!

Movie: “The End of the Line” – described as the “Inconvenient Truth of the Ocean” this documentary looks at the devastating effecet over-fishing is having on the oceans to the point that there may be no more fish by 2048.

Current Affairs: Social Media Revolution – the ongoing happenings in Iran bring to light the evolution of revolutions.

Green: Top Eco-Projects Around the World – 5 actual and conceptual projects in the world.

Social Media: When People Don’t Follow Me – I shouldn’t care but I do :)

Music: Desert Rose by Sting – this remix with Cheb Memi is soulful and haunting.

Design: Cairo Expo City – Egypt takes a leaf out of their ancient days with a truly outstanding architectural plan for the 21st Century.

The Cost of a By-Election – Michael Marquette’s perspective on why by-elections should not be encouraged.

The Top Cities in the World – Tyler Brule, he of Wallpaper* fame, has produced the Quality of Life survey for 2009.

Music: Madonna & Goro Bordello – I watched this live at Wembley Stadium for Live Earth and it was outstanding.

2009 June 19 Marquette Turner Luxury Homes eMagazine – all the usual luxury & lifestyle articles.

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