Here’s a bit of a catchup of some of the articles I’ve been enjoying for the last week or so. Great #links

Enjoy :)

Get paid for reducing your carbon footprint click here – Available throughout the world

An Aston-Martin built, Foster+Partner’s designed double decker bus click here – Suddenly public transport is looking really appealing.

Luxury Home Showcase for August 2009 click here – Check out some great homes for sale in Australia and throughout the world.

Kangaroo with lentils recipe click here – I love kangaroo (although not cooked rare)

Mediterranean-style waterfront estate in Port Royal, Naples, Florida click here – I could happily live here anytime!

It’s National Missing Persons Week in Australia click here – Importantly too, even when the week is out, the cause goes on!

The number 1 hotel in New Zealand click here – If you’re going to the next Rugby World cup, here would be a great place to stay.

“Fly Guy” Cartoon click here – I can definitely sympathize with trying to catch an annoying fly

How noise can damage your health click here – This explains a lot!

The world’s longest fountain click here – Watch how the South Koreans turned an ugly eye-sore into a work of art.