• RT @cleartheair1: recycle your bathwater (sort of) http://cli.gs/qEZ3Hs #
  • RT @lindyasimus: Leonard Cohen reads from the Tibetan Book of the Dead http://bit.ly/M2PSi – very enlightening #
  • RE: Hi Amanda

    I was exactly the same – too much meat eating for sure. I didn’t realise eating meat had such an impa… http://disq.us/1bb5 #

  • RT @smartecoliving: Solar Power: inexpensive energy | Orient Lodge http://bit.ly/netE3 #
  • RE: It is indeed an awesome building (for an awesome cause). Prof O’Brien’s legacy will be very long felt.

    Survivin… http://disq.us/1bb6 #

  • RE: That’s a good variation – it melts in your mouth a little better.

    I had to look it up, so for anyone that’s wond… http://disq.us/1bbu #

  • celebrating our 6th anniversary in style :) #
  • RT @mmarquette: check out the Marquette Turner Luxury eMag – weekend edition http://cli.gs/5sjU49 #
  • RT @rocksteadyed NKorea opens 1st fast food restaurant: http://bit.ly/6S8Dc #
  • check out the latest Marquette Turner Luxury eMag – weekend edition http://cli.gs/5sjU49 #
  • my friends @haul are featured in Anthill Magazine this month http://bit.ly/gv72k #
  • marquetteturner.com/health-news-the-world-is-getting-louder- and-our-health-is-sufferinghttp://cl.gs/h1X8sX #
  • marquetteturner.com/good-causes-juvenile-diabetes(marquetteturner.com)http://cl.gs/9y9YyW #
  • marquetteturner.com/2009-june- australian-real-estate-auction -resultshttp://cl.gs/DhUhbY #

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