This show would definitely justify Tom Cruise and Scientology’s disdain for psychotherapy: which perhaps makes it all the more enticing to watch! Lisa Kudrow plays a self-centred, self-appointed-therapist more interested in the advice she’s giving than the problems she’s supposed to be analysing.

As stated in the New York Post: “Kudrow and collaborators Don Roos (who directed her in “The Opposite of Sex”) and producing partner Dan Bucatinsky created the character of entrepreneurial narcissist “Dr.” Fiona Wallice. Professional in appearance but wretched as a dispenser of advice, Dr. Fiona solves her clients’ problems in three-minute Web chats. The sessions, however, usually speak more to the haughty, self-serving Fiona’s personal life than her patients’ issues. After 48 webisodes and three years of Webby Award-winning success, the show is getting a fresh re-packaging (with new interstitial material) as a half-hour program for Showtime.”

Famous-face patients have included Jane Lynch, Courteney Cox and Steven Weber, and the new connective-tissue footage airing on Showtime includes Victor Garber as Fiona’s possibly gay husband and Lily Tomlin as Fiona’s mother. The guest star roster reached a high watermark, however, with Meryl Streep’s appearances late last year.

You can watch Lisa Kudrow’s interview with the BBC HERE